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The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) awards Plastomold LTD two ISO quality certifications for Quality Management Systems in organizations and medical device companies.

HOLON, Israel (March 2015):

Plastomold LTD, the specialist in the development and production of plastic products and plastic injection molds in Israel and China, receives two quality certifications from The Standards Institution of Israel (SII):


ISO 9001: 2008 is an international standard that defines requirements for managing a quality system in companies.


ISO 13485: 2003 is an international standard for managing quality systems in companies in the medical field.


The SII certifications indicate that Plastomold has the ability to consistently supply a product that meets customer requirements and applicable statutory requirements, strives to increase customer satisfaction by effective application of the organization’s quality system, and implements processes to continuously improve the system by ensuring conformity to customer requirements and applicable statutory requirements.


ISO 13485, an expansion of ISO 9001, adds enhanced traceability across the entire supply-chain, risk survey, validation and more, and includes the majority of requirements of theU.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Boaz Zer, Plastomld’s CEO: "Receiving these certificates marks a major milestone in Plastomold’s operations in Israel and globally and is a testament to the quality we deliver to our clients, in product and process alike. The ISO certificates open new markets for Plastomold and allow us to offer our services to companies that are required to work with certified partners. We are very excited and look forward to expanding our client base locally and internationally.”

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