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How are tiny plastic products made?

Hello friends,Like me, you have probably noticed more than once, the huge amount of tiny plastic parts in every technological product.How can it be that you manage to produce so many small and precise parts and at the same time sell products at prices worth every pocket? The answer to this is technological, of course, and we will answer it this time.With technological progress, the demand for tiny plastic products is increasing. The leading industries in the field are medicine, electronics and high-tech. The development of smart phones on the one hand, and medical kits that perform periscope surgeries on the other, lead the trend. These place a demand for smaller and smaller parts, and usually also very precise.

Appropriate equipment

The small size and weight of the parts require the use of a suitable injection molding machine. These machines are usually small, have low locking force, and are equipped with a small diameter cylinder. The diameter is small for several reasons:

Quick warm-up stay

In order to maintain the properties of the plastic material, the material should stay in the cylinder for a minimum amount of time. Therefore, in a small cylinder, the material turnover is fast, and the material is not enough to "cook" excessively and lose its properties.

Saving raw material

Before starting to create items from a certain plastic material, it is necessary to clean the cylinder using that raw material. The smaller the cylinder, the smaller the amount of material needed for cleaning. This is of great significance when producing parts from very expensive materials such as PEEK whose cost can reach hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars per kg.

more precision and qualityThe control of the injection process is much better for small products. This is due to the ability to change the amount of material that enters the mold and the injection pressure, in small jumps.

We waited and waited... and finally she arrived!!

At the beginning of 2017, after 6 months of waiting, the small injection machine we ordered finally arrived at our laboratory in Holon.We put it in the clean room (ISO CLASS 8), and we manufacture small plastic products in it with success and great pleasure.Some details about the machine:

DR.BOY Germany

Manufacturer's name

22 tons

Locking power

22 mm

Cylinder diameter

28 grams

Injection dose size

254 mm

Maximum template width

Want to make a small or tiny plastic product?Call 1-800-350-232, or send an email to to the success of your next project!Boaz is a foreigner.

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