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Prototype construction

Prototyping Plastomold specializes in the development and production of plastic injection molds which are used for the production of complex plastic products. The company accompanies its customers all the way, starting with the development of the idea and ending with the production of molds for long fixed series.One of the basic steps in this process is the development of a prototype, which, despite the desire to save costs and advance the project quickly, must not be abandoned.3D visualization is not enoughAfter the initial stages of planning and designing the product are finished, the 3D visualization comes and gives us a certain feeling of the final product. Since the result is satisfactory "on paper" it is possible to apparently move towards the production itself, thus saving time and costs on intermediate stages.However, as in many other areas, here too the haste is from the devil and may lead to a serious problem, discouragement and financial loss down the road. In fact, the 3D simulation does not give the real feeling of a final product, which can be felt, manipulated and held in the hand. Building a prototype is designed for exactly this purpose, and to allow us to understand if changes, corrections and improvements are required even before entering the serial production process.How do you make a prototype?Prototyping may be based on several technologies.The first of which is 3D printing with different materials, where sometimes the final plastic materials can be used, and sometimes materials that simulate them. This is the cheapest way to create a prototype, but sometimes it is not possible to get a complete answer for high precision levels, for relatively thin products, and other aspects.The second technology is the chip processing that makes it possible to create models with a high level of precision from the final plastic materials. But, even this way does not completely simulate the product, and in addition it is characterized by high costs.The third and best method for examining the properties of injected plastic products is to build an experimental mold which is a real mold with one enclave, with which products can be produced in small quantities. With this method, you get a complete model with all the features of the product, which allows you to examine the size, color, weight, suitability for different packaging, usability, etc.For more information on building a prototype and the process of working with our company, contact Plastomold at 1-800-350-232.

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