Functional packing for beverage related product

The client:
R&D company that specializes in the food and beverage industry
The challenge:
Our client was interesting in testing the feasibility of replacing an aluminum wrap in the packaging of a commonly-used beverage related product with a plastic one. The plastic product had to comply with the original product characteristics without affecting use or quality. Product requirements included thermal resistance in high levels of heat and complete sealing from oxygen penetration, all while maintaining a side-wall of 0.4 mm.

We were also required to deliver the product in a very short time-frame.

Plastomold’s solution:
Because of the need to test heat resistance as well as other material attributes, we had to deliver samples that were in essence identical to the final product, and that could not be made using 3D modeling or machining. Within three weeks Plastomold built two different test molds enabling our client to examine different plastic materials. Based on testing of each part, our client made changes in product design, and we were requested to change molds accordingly. Working very efficiently, our team was able to deliver the new molds so that production was completed in a record time of two weeks.

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