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Lesson 3: From an idea to a working product

After we formulated an idea for the product,
We are ready to move to the design phase.

Product design

A significant part of my work is with entrepreneurs
who come to us with an idea for a product and a working prototype.
Many of them have no experience in plastic production,
And since they don't know the abundance of design possibilities in this raw material,
They bring a prototype with them
Has a very "boxy" appearance and is really unattractive.

The chances of success of an undesigned product are low.
It is usually less convenient to use compared to an ergonomically adjusted product,
and less attractive from an aesthetic point of view
Compared to a product that was thought about in its design.
In order to ensure maximum adaptation of the product structure to the way it is used,
and take advantage of the properties of the raw material.
To produce a functional product with an attractive appearance,
with minimal cost and time,
It is important to use a product designer who is well acquainted with working with plastic.

The designer will investigate, on the one hand, how to use the product,
its features and the functions it should fulfill.
And on the other hand, the market and the target audience:
Who is the product intended for and what characterizes the target audience,
Are there competing products or products that provide a solution to a similar problem,
How will the product be marketed and what is the appropriate image for it.
A designer who has knowledge in designing plastic products,
will take into account, already at the design stage,
Design issues related to plastic injection technology
such as dividing lines, skirting angles, undercuts and side thicknesses,
and adjust the design to shorten processes later.
Other considerations to take into account are:
Storage - for example, is it possible to put a product inside a product,
Logistics and transport - adjusting the dimensions of the product to the surface and the container.

מפתח ייצור מתחיל את פיתוח המוצר בשרטוט בעזרת תוגנת מחשב
יצירת אב טיפוס בעזרת שרטוט מחשב

Product planning

This is the stage where the design is adapted to plastic injection technology.
determine the location of the dividing line,
and accordingly adjust the angles of the skirt,
Make the product as uniform in wall thickness as possible,
Reduce undercuts as much as possible, strengthen where necessary,
and provide technological solutions to issues that remain open in the design phase.
To get a good result with a high level of probability,
You should analyze the product.
The analysis simulates an injection process,
and through which you can check the filling of the product,
Optimal injection points, expected deformations in the product, etc.
According to the results of the analysis, the product design is updated
For a better result in production.
The planning work is engineering work,
which requires knowledge and experience in plastic products.
A designer who works on a technical product needs to make sure
that the product can withstand the required workloads throughout the defined product life.
And when it comes to a medical product, compliance with standards such as FDA and CE will be verified.

And finally a tip

דוגמא לשרטוט של מוצר בתוכנת ייצור

Tip #3:

There are product designers in the market who also specialize in designing plastic products.
It is advisable to give the job to such a professional,
which specializes in both fields,
even if the cost is higher.
A designer who specializes in designing plastic products
Know how to design an optimal product
and will guarantee a higher quality final result,
in a short time and at a lower total cost.

Next time I will talk about different methods to create models.
In the meantime, I will be happy to answer questions by email:
thanks and have a good day,

How do you design and plan a plastic product?

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