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Production and assembly in a clean room

Production and assembly in clean rooms

As specialists in plastic injection, Plastomold has gone through an amazing journey - in which it became a company specializing in the production and assembly of assemblies in clean rooms for the medical field.

Our story is one of dedication, precision and an uncompromising commitment to the success of our clients.


in the field of medical product development,

We understand the meaning of producing small series of products,

and obtaining regulatory approvals.

We know that meeting the requirements for this type of approval requires production in a controlled clean room environment,

where careful assembly is above all.


Plastomold is proud of the great support for our customers at every stage.

Our expertise lies in creating exceptional molds suitable for small, medium and large production series,

While making sure to meet the highest standards of quality.


We have an amazing production facility that includes clean rooms in Kibbutz Ha'Epil (in collaboration with the Clean Pack company) -

A place where the magic happens.

This controlled environment has been carefully designed to meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry,

and has an ISO CLASS 8 and ISO CLASS 7 cleanliness level.


However, our commitment to customers goes far beyond supplying assemblies manufactured in a clean room.

We understand that additional tasks are often required, and we rise to the challenge.

Whether it is the insertion of inserts, prints, or the procurement of precision machining parts,

We skillfully handle these complementary services, and perform the assembly within the cleanroom itself.

By streamlining the process and doing everything in one place, we save our customers time and effort.


Regulatory compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

We recognize the importance of obtaining the necessary approvals,

And we work diligently to ensure that our products meet the required standards.

By manufacturing in our clean room, we provide peace of mind to our customers,

and assure them that their products are manufactured in accordance with the highest regulatory guidelines.


We provide regulatory services to our clients that include writing protocols, performing validations, and assisting in submission to regulatory bodies such as FDA and MDR.


So, as you embark on your journey to create extraordinary medical products, remember the story of Plastomold.

Let us be your trusted partner,

that will lead you to the field of production and assembly of clean rooms,

where dreams become reality in a controlled and precise environment.


Come to Plastumold and become a success story,

where your medical innovations affect the world over time.

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