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Product design and development

Consulting and support in the first stages of product development

Plastomold - your partner in product development

We at Plastomold specialize in providing comprehensive advice and guidance in the crucial initial stages of product development. These early decisions play a major role in determining the functionality, visibility, efficiency of the manufacturing process and overall cost of your product.

With the support of our experts, you can achieve the results you want quickly, with fewer iterations, and at a lower total cost.

Model development

Full development in an outsourcing model

In this model, Plastomold through a product planner takes responsibility for the product development process. 

Our comprehensive service includes:

Product characterization: We carefully study the requirements and goals of your product, to ensure an accurate representation during the development phase.

Design and planning alternatives: We provide multiple design options and carefully plan every aspect of your product, taking into account its functionality, aesthetics and manufacturability.

3D visualization: Using advanced technology, we create realistic simulations that allow you to visualize the final product before it goes into production.

Production of models:After the design is finished, we produce models using rapid prototyping technologies such as printing or machining. The models that verify the usability and performance of your product.

Construction of experimental templates: If necessary, we build molds with which to produce an injection-molded product from the final material, which allow us to examine the design and make necessary adjustments before moving to the mass production stage.


Throughout the process, we work closely with you, ensuring that your feedback is incorporated at every stage to achieve the desired result.

מנהל פרויקט עובד על פיתוח מוצר הפלסטיק
Blue plastic product
Consulting development

Consulting for the development process

In this consulting model, our team of experts work alongside your planner to optimize your product design, to shorten development time and reduce production costs. 

The service includes:

Product design overview: We thoroughly analyze your product design and provide valuable insights and recommendations to improve its manufacturability and performance.

Technological highlights:Leveraging our expertise in injection molding, we offer expert guidance on the best practices, materials and technologies that can simplify the manufacturing process and improve the final product.

changes and improvements: Based on your product specifications, we suggest changes and improvements that ensure smooth manufacturing and a visually pleasing final product.

Choose Plastomold as your trusted partner, and benefit from our vast experience, technical skill and our commitment to deliver exceptional results.


Contact us today to discuss your product development needs and embark on a successful journey towards realizing your ideas.

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