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About Us

Plastomold is a company for the development and production of molds for plastic injection

For products with a complex structure used to manufacture complex plastic products.


We specialize in the fields of technology and medical equipment - 

Industries that are characterized by very complex engineering products,

They require precise and high-quality templates.

We see our role as full partners in realizing our customers' product vision,

A partnership that is reflected in the fulfillment of the purpose of the product

And turning the idea or concept, as sophisticated and complex as it may be, into a working product.

Our team brings with it cumulative experience of decades in the field of plastics,

and expertise in working with clients, starting with consulting from the concept development phase,

through the construction of an experimental template whose purpose is to check
the feasibility of the product from an engineering point of view,

and up to the production of molds for long permanent series.


We provide close professional support to our clients at all stages of
the project and commit to a flexible and fast process,

And this without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Production capabilities of Plastumold:

Injection of plastic products in clean rooms


Includes assembly and additional processing for medical equipment.

Ultrasonic welding of plastic parts, including the design and production of ultrasonic beams and mounts,

and inserting heat inserts (including certification from Elbit).

injection Plastic products weighing from a few milligrams to 1 kg. and complementary equipment suitable for processing engineering materials, such as moisture driers, robot mold heaters, etc.

A mold manufacturing workshop that includes sophisticated and modern equipment such as CNC engraving, CNC erosion, WIRE CUT erosion, sophisticated measuring tools and other complementary equipment.


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Plastomold has a quality management system approved by the Standards Institute according to the standard   ISO 9001-2008
and a quality management system for medical equipment according to standard   ISO 13485

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