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Production of tiny plastic products

Plastomold specializes in the precise production of tiny parts

with advanced plastic injection technology. 
Using our sophisticated equipment and experienced staff,

We are committed to providing the highest quality molds and parts,

that fit your exact specifications. 
Whether it is tiny parts for the medical or hi-tech industry,

or applications in other industries, 

We hold the ability to meet your needs.

Our production process

Our production service begins with the design and development of quality molds customized to your specific requirements. 
Our skilled engineering team works closely with customers

To understand your project details and requirements, 
and to ensure optimal and useful template planning.
We use advanced software and techniques to create accurate patterns

which guarantee the production of consistently accurate parts.

After the production of the molds is finished,

We continue with the plastic injection process using the molds.
Our factory is equipped with modern technological equipment,

which allows us to produce small parts with maximum precision and efficiency. 

We work with a wide variety of plastic raw materials

which ensures that we can meet the specific requirements of your application. 
Our manufacturing process ensures consistent quality for all parts,

Even in the production of large quantities.

Quality Control

At Plastomold we understand the importance of quality and reliability in the production of small parts. 
Our commitment to excellence is expressed in the pursuit of strict quality control. 
During production, we use testing and control systems,  

To make sure every part meets the highest standards.

To make sure all the tiny parts we manufacture are reliable

Our strict quality assurance ensures that the small parts we supply are reliable,

durable and ready to integrate seamlessly into your products or assemblies. 

Plastomold manages a quality assurance system,

and has certification for the production of medical products according to the ISO-13485 standard

and certification for the production of plastic products according to the ISO-9001 quality management standard

Plastomold advantages in the production of small parts

Expertise in the production of small parts:

With years of experience and a deep understanding of injection techniques, 
We specialize in supplying small and precise parts.


quality assurance:

Our rigorous quality control processes and thorough testing ensure that parts meet the highest quality standards.


Diversity in Industries: Our small parts find applications in a wide variety of industries, including electronics, medicine, telecommunications and more.


Customized solutions:

We work closely with you to develop molds and parts tailored to your unique requirements, 
while ensuring optimal functionality and performance.


Efficiency and flexibility:

With the help of our advanced machines and efficient production processes,

We can meet deadlines in both small and large volumes, while maintaining fast delivery times.


Blue Plastic Granules

If you need small parts production,
Plastomold is your trusted partner. 
Our experienced team is ready to cooperate with you,
from the idea to production, while making sure to guarantee exceptional quality and timely delivery. 
Contact us today to discuss your project requirements
Or to learn more about our comprehensive injection services. 
Let us help you realize your ideas precisely and reliably.

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