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Experimental molds for model production

Test molds for prototype and low volume production

As part of the product development process, creating molds for testing and evaluation is essential.

While 3D printers have become more accessible and widely used,

They do not always provide the desired results.

For example: 

  • When you want to test the product's strength, flexibility, integral hinges, or the need to weld parts together by ultrasonic welding,

  • In the case of thin wall parts, printed models may fail.

  • For using the final material and exactly the same process the final product should go through - for validation purposes, or for the production of low-volume quantities.


This is where experimental templates come in,

and offer a solution to bridge the gap between prototype and mass production.


We at Plastomold specialize in the development and production of test molds adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

These molds include one cavity and are intended for the production of relatively small quantities

(In practice, it is possible to produce several thousand or tens of thousands of units from these molds, but the production cost is not always competitive).

Test molds allow you to test your product in its final form when it is made of the exact plastic material, providing invaluable insight before going into mass production.

Why choose Plastomold for developing a test mold


Customized solutions: We work closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements.

Our team of experts designs and develops test molds that align exactly with the desired product specification.


Accurate product evaluation: Our test molds allow you to test the final product in its true form,

while ensuring accuracy and authenticity.

You can evaluate the structural integrity, flexibility, and other critical factors of the product,

and gain a comprehensive understanding of its performance before proceeding to mass production.


Cost savings: With test molds, you can evaluate your product

without committing to the full-scale expenditure of a mass production tool.

This approach allows cost-effective testing and refinement,

Minimizing risks and optimizing product development processes.


Expertise in materials: Plastomold has experience with a wide variety of plastic materials.

We help you choose the ideal material suitable for the intended use of your product,

and guarantee a product that accurately represents the final product.


Cooperation with the customer: We believe in the power of cooperation.

Our team works closely with you,

Provides support and guidance throughout the process of developing test molds.

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and the success of your product.

Come to Plastomold for an effective test of your product.
With our expertise in experimental design development,
You can confidently test your product and make informed decisions before going into full-scale production. 

Plastomold's commitment to accuracy, customization, and cost-effectiveness
sets us apart as your trusted partner in the development of molds and products.

Contact us today to discuss your product development needs.
Let Plastumold be your partner in making your product real,
Strengthen you to take sure steps towards success.

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