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Lesson 5 - The production process

In the previous times we defined basic concepts, designed the product, planned it
We created a model and tested it from every possible angle:
We changed, improved, corrected and arrived at an optimal final product.
Now it's time to go to production.

Pattern design

Mold design is the first step of the manufacturing process.
It begins by creating a document called DFM - Design For Manufacturing,
A detailed document that includes the principles according to which the template will be designed and created:

מבנה עקרוני של תבנית להזרקת פלסטיק

• The type of raw material and shrinkage
• Location of dividing line
• Flow and input of material
• Placement of carts for the production of undercuts
• How to extract a product and the location of the syringes (those that extract the product)
• The nature of the product area

Example of DFM at this link

After receiving approval of the DFM from the client, the work of designing the pattern begins.
As expected, the pattern design process is directly affected by the preparation work we did:
If the product was designed and designed accurately and in accordance with plastic production,
The need to make last minute changes to the product to adapt to the technology will decrease.
And if we created an experimental template before, we probably won't need any changes at all.
Any change to the product requires the customer's involvement and approval.
At the end of the planning process, a 3D file is obtained
which includes all the parts of the pattern and according to which the pattern will be manufactured.

Tip #5:

Only your high involvement as a customer will ensure the desired result.
Therefore, I recommend requiring the manufacturer to receive a DFM document,
and check it very carefully before approving it.

pattern making

It is a complex process that includes processing metals using many different methods, including:
• Milling
• Sharpening
• Electro erosion deposition
• Electro erosion - wire cutting
• Engraving
• Drilling
• Sawing
• Polishing
• Photochemical burn
• sand bkasting

We produce all the parts of the mold from steel in different levels of difficulty and quality,
and assemble the parts from them, making adjustments, until a working pattern is obtained.
The level of accuracy required from a typical pattern is 0.02 mm,
And there are products in the medical and hi-tech industry in which the level of accuracy is even higher.
Making a pattern is a process that requires many hours of work.

Below are pictures of templates for illustration

Steel mold for plastic injection

Two halves of a pattern - side by side

Open metal mold for plastic injection

Open pattern

Trial injections

The last step in creating a template is trial injection.
In trial injection, a small amount of parts are produced,
To make sure the pattern is working and producing.
Check the dimensions and also the functionality of the manufactured parts.
For example, if it is an electronic device, the various circuits and components will be mounted on it,
and its operation will be tested.

מכונה לייצור תבניות

Making adjustments and changes

In cases where a model is not created, the trial injections will most likely flood required changes in the product.
Injection of plastic products is a process with great uncertainty factors,
Much more than machining for example, and this is because the plastic shrinks and may deform.
Most of the time, the result you get in the first trial injection is not final,
And adjustments must be made followed by an injection of additional experience.
Sometimes several rounds are necessary until the desired result is reached.

The pattern production process ends with the approval of the pattern and the product.
Then we move to the production stage of the products.

in medical products that need to undergo standardization,
Start by producing a small amount of parts
And these are transferred to the standardization institutes for their approval.

We are nearing the end of the introductory series.
Next time we will talk about the production of the first series and ongoing series.

In the meantime, I will be happy to answer questions by email:
thanks and have a good day,

Design and production of a template

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