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Medical device for measuring urine flow and quantity for OR patients


The customer:


the challenge

MEd Dynamics has developed a device that measures the amount and flow of urine in OR patients, giving surgical teams a real-time indication of the patient's condition during a surgical procedure.

The device consisted of a single use part through which the tooth was absorbed and measured; The data is then displayed in the OR on a digital screen

The main challenge was to build a product that accurately represents the patient's condition, using materials that are very difficult to work with including flexible PVC which is similar to rubber, hard PVC.

Another challenge was the requirement for a low price point due to the single use nature of the product.

We were also required to work in a clean environment.


Plastomold's solution:

We started by developing multiple cavity templates, one for each part, to ensure proper parts and not bias the patient's urine flow rate. Next we used a special steel, known for its ability to "tame" flexible PVC, to create some of the molds. Finally, we created a testing protocol for critical product parts, which ensure that they measure the patient's body fluids accurately.

During production, our client made changes and improvements to the product - Plastomold consulted with these changes, and made sure everything was done correctly because the process is fast and efficient.


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