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A disposable component of a sophisticated hair removal device

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The customer:

Manufacturer of cosmetic equipment

the challenge

The customer came to us after four unsuccessful attempts to produce the component. Although the mold produced by our competitors made functional products, the quality of these was low due to a recurring problem with the product parting line.

While in most products the separation of the line of sight is only a matter of aesthetics, here it also had an effect on the functionality of the product. A prominent parting line, not smooth, may injure someone using the machine.

The requirement was to create molds that supported the production of millions of product units, but the material used in the final product - a special mixture with additional ceramic balls - posed another challenge. The ceramic balls made programming the injection machine very difficult and wore the molds faster than expected.


Plastomold's Solution:

The molds needed to be very precise and support mass production, so we built a heavy and massive steel mold, with the endurance not to bend quickly. Technology that ensured accurate results was deployed, and the most advanced devices available on the market were used.

Even though Plastumold's price quote was high relative to what the customer had paid in the past, the customer put their faith in us and received a mold that perfectly met their needs. So far, millions of parts have already been produced.


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