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How to price a plastic injection product?

How to price a plastic injection product?Many customers ask me how plastic products are priced, it is indeed an intriguing topic, and in this article I will explain how.

- Material that is "wasted" in the SETUP process, which includes material for cleaning the cylinder, and defective products that are produced while the machine is being adjusted until a proper product is reached.- In the case of a mold with cold channels (the product comes out of the mold with a residue - Angus), add the weight of the residue.- Rejecting a certain amount of products in the ongoing process of quality control.The depreciation is added as a percentage of the basic cost of the raw material.The depreciation percentage is affected by several factors:- The size of the production series.- The weight of the product compared to the weight of the Angus (the rest).- The complexity of the product, and the ease with which a good product can be obtained.- Color - bright and transparent products require the use of more material for cleaning the cylinder of the machine, and also the amount of rejection during production due to dark spots and marks on the product will be higher.Depreciation percentages can range from 3% for simple products in long dark-colored series with low tolerances,And up to 25% in complex, transparent products with high requirements.In extreme cases, when the quality requirements are high up to the level of the technology limit,Depreciation percentages may reach up to 50%.Sometimes (depending on the type of product) it is possible to use the remains of the raw material again, by grinding them and returning them to the production process.Additional raw materialsCosts of additional materials other than the plastic raw material from which the product is made must be added to the pricing, for example:- Inserts inserted into the product, or on which the product is injected.- Packaging materials (cardboards, nylons, partitions, stickers, pallets).Labor costThis cost is also divided into several factors:--_11100000-0000-0000-0000000111_ Machine Cost _11100000-0000-0000-0000-0000000111_ depends on the size of the machine and its refinement (accuracy, injection options, automation consisting of the machine-Robot, etc. ). The cycle time for the production of one product is multiplied by the cost of the working hour of the machine.- Cost of manual work - The amount of work a worker has to invest in the product. For example, if a product is manufactured that requires a worker attached to the machine, the cost of the worker will be added to the cost of the product. Also, if there are special requirements for performing quality tests that take a lot of time, these costs will be added to the price of the product.- logistics costs - such as shipping packaging, etc.SummaryAs you can understand, pricing a product includes many parameters,and requires precise work.If the pricing is too high, the project may go to another supplier,But if the pricing is too low, a loss may result,Then the supplier will try in every possible way to compensate for this loss,For example, reducing the workforce or purchasing cheap raw material substitutes.These actions may damage the quality of the product, so it is recommended to work with a supplier that gives reasonable prices,And not necessarily with the supplier who gave the lowest price.



For plastic product pricing, you are welcome to send a message with your contact information to the following address:Email: info@plastomold.comTel.: 1-800-350232


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