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Electric screwdriver for surgical use

The customer:

Developer of innovative equipment for cosmetic surgery.

The Challenge

We were asked to build a delicate surgical screwdriver, part of a very complex product for use in the OR. The product was submitted for marking to the SNA, and we faced a tight deadline to complete the models. We were also required to work in a clean room environment.

Plastomold's Solution:

We started by checking the product design, as given to us by our customer, and based on our experience with plastic injection molding identified several problems in the product design and design. After that, we made recommendations that made production easier and improved the quality of the final product. The result was a set of 11 parts made of a variety of materials - ABS, PA, PC - which, together with electrical accessories, created a perfect surgical screwdriver. Our subsidiary in China produced the molds, and within 6 weeks our client's conditions with 70 sets to submit to the S.N. After receiving CE certification, we produced 500 sets in our clean room facilities, including tempo printing.

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