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Thermal insulation wall connector

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The customer:

Manufacturer and distributor of a fast and efficient solution for wall insulation

the challenge

Although the H-shaped connector may seem very simple at first glance, our client came to us after developing an unsuccessful mold with another company in our field - a mold that produced an uneven product, impossible to use. The company's efforts throughout the year to improve the mold failed to fix the problem, and they decided to start over with Plastomold following a colleague's recommendation.


Plastomold's solution:

We approached this project with an in-depth analysis of the product, and came to the conclusion that by making minor changes to the structure, it is possible to obtain a straight and straight product. We also reduced the weight of the product in order to improve its functionality and significantly reduce the cost of production.

Plastomold is in use and has hundreds of thousands of product units, to the satisfaction of our customers.


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