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Is it possible to change a product in an existing template?

Hello friends,

Sometimes the question arises whether and how it is possible to change the shape of the product by changing the existing template. So the answer to the first question is yes, it is absolutely possible to make the necessary change (usually). So let's see how to do it

A mold for the production of plastic injection products is made of steel, and is built according to the product it is supposed to produce.Before making the pattern, you should make sure that the design is final and the product works to your satisfaction, and this can be done by making models and testing them,But despite the caution and testing, sometimes during the life of the product, the need to make changes to the product arises. This could be a demand from the market or a need to fix some operational problem.For example: we have a customer who has an assembly that includes metal parts, and the product engineer decided to change one of the metal parts, which caused the need to also change a plastic part.

To know if it is indeed possible to change the pattern so that it produces the new product, the differences between the products and the structure of the pattern must be examined.Important things to know:

  1. Product enlargement:Is it about adding plastic material from the product (enlarging the product)?In such a case, the change may be relatively easy, because steel needs to be removed from the mold.

  2. Product reduction:Reducing the product - if it is necessary to remove material from the product, i.e. add steel to the mold, it can be more complicated, this can be done by creating a recess in the mold and planting a steel insert into it, another way that is suitable in some cases is to add steel through laser welding and then machining to reach the desired final dimensions.

  3. Disruptions due to change:Disruptions following a change - you need to check if the changes create a conflict with the existing structure of the template, for example:

  4. Damage to existing water lines in the template.

  5. Placement of the ejector plate (the accessories that extract the product from the mold), if it is necessary to add ejectors.

  6. Physical size of the palettes in the template.When the change is difficult to make, sometimes it is not worthwhile to make a change in the existing template and it is easier and cheaper to make a new template. You are welcome to contact me at 050-8355800 for additional questions about making changes to the template you have and I will be happy to help.If you are about to develop a product that includes plastic parts, or if you have an idea for a product,I invite you to send an email with your contact information to the following

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