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What is a family template and is it worth ordering it?

What is a family template and should you order it?

Types of materials and their suitability for different products

Disadvantages of the family pattern:

  1. Balance - since a family pattern contains different shapes of parts, some larger, some smaller, there may be cases of imbalance in the material flow, which will disrupt the visibility and quality of the final product. In some cases this can be solved through proper design of the template.

  2. Defects - if a defect is discovered in one of the parts of the pattern, it immediately becomes unusable. There is no point in a pattern that repeatedly draws the same defective part that inevitably leads to a defective product. In the event that this part of the template cannot be repaired, a new template must be produced which incurs additional costs.

The family:

  1. Cost savings - you use one mold that produces the product in its entirety for you and this saves on running machines and is good for your pocket (for the sake of interest, producing a set of multiple encapsulated molds may cost close to 3 times the production of a family mold).

  2. Consistency - all parts of the product are produced in the same machine and from the exact same material and this is how you guarantee color consistency.


If you are going to develop a product that includes plastic parts, or if you have an idea for a product,

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