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How do you write on plastic products?

How do you write on plastic products?

  Acceptable ways of writing on plastic products:● Using the inscription to stand out from the material● Inscription embedded in the material● Caption using texture change● Laser marking● Tampon printing● Silk printing● Using a sticker● IML labelembossed text, sunken text and texture changeAll of these are performed by creating the inscription in the mold itself. When the plastic material is injected into the steel mold, the product takes the shape of the inscription in mirror writing. It is also possible to combine the embossing or sinking of the writing with a change in texture to make the inscription stand out even more.This method is used mainly for writing the raw material, date, country of manufacture, and sometimes also more detailed information about the product. With these methods, the inscription will be seen in the most prominent way, the darker the color of the product. But in any case, the inscription will be less noticeable than a print or laser inscription where the color of the inscription is different from the color of the product. On the other hand, the cost of the product in these three methods will be the same as the product without inscription, except for the one-time cost of adding the inscription to the template.Tampon printing, silk and laser marking• Tampon - with this method you can print on completely non-planar areas, for example in a round area. You can print in any color, and you can combine several colors in one print. There are materials such as polypropylene, in order to print on it, it is necessary to pre-treat the product (for example flame treatment, or primer application, or corona treatment).• Silk - similar in principle to tampon printing, but it can only be used on flat surfaces.• Laser - since the inscription can be changed through programming and there is no need to change the glue, the use of laser is common in writing serial numbers on products.Disadvantages - The disadvantages of these printing methods are mainly the cost that is added to each and every product. It is possible to reduce the cost of printing by using automation, but it pays off only in the production of large series of products, because it is necessary to return the investment in automation.Using a sticker or labelYou can stick a sticker on the product to mark it, this is usually done manually, and the sticker can be removed by rubbing or peeling. Remember! Make sure that the glue on the sticker matches the material from which the product is made.IML (IN MOLD LABELING)With this method, a label is inserted into the mold before the product is injected, and the product is injected onto it. This method is common in food packaging, and is suitable for large quantities.If you are about to develop a product that includes plastic parts, or if you have an idea for a product,I invite you to send an email with your contact information to the following

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