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An inside view of a plastic injection mold

  1. Inserts:The inserts in the work plates and side carriages are usually made of hard tool steel. This is in order to prevent rapid wear and tear and maintain the quality of the product.

  2. ZarkaniThese are made of extremely hard materials, so that they slide well in their channels and do not get crushed.

  3. PalettesAdditional plates of the mold and the other parts of the mold are usually made of softer steels.The complexity, the precision and the many details that must work in perfect coordination, are further proof of the genius of the process of injecting the plastic into the mold.We hope that the inside look at the small parts that make up the mold will help you better understand the entire process and also appreciate a little more the genius that stands behind so many products that you will meet on store shelves.If you are about to develop a product that includes plastic parts, or if you have an idea for a product,I invite you to send an email with your contact information to the following

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