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How long does it take to get the product?

At this stage the product is designed according to the defined characterization. Usually the designer presents a number of directions from which the entrepreneur chooses the design that seems most appropriate to him. After the design is chosen, the designer works on all the technical details that will adapt the plastic parts of the product to production using the injection technology, and the other parts to the appropriate technology (metal, rubber, electronics, etc.).

This phase is also very flexible, and very much depends on the scope of the project, and the cooperation between the entrepreneur, the designer and the planner.

  1. Strength analysis software.

  2. Software for analyzing the production of the product in the injection process.Plastomold has extensive experience in the rapid production of molds for urgent projects. In order to speed up the mold production process at Plastumold, we operate a group of subcontractors in Israel and China. Those skilled in providing a quick response that matches our specific requirements, and the standards accepted by us.You are welcome to ask questions by email, and write to me what you think about the schedules I mentioned in the article.thanks and have a good day,

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